Our content writer will create a monthly blog post (or multiple posts) to publish on your website or on an external website of your choice.

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Consistent blogging supports other marketing efforts, such as SEO and social media. A regularly updated blog can keep your customers up to speed on news and events that you have to share, and provide educational content to better inform them. Blogging can also improve your Google authority, attract more website traffic, and establish fresh content to share on social media. Our team will research and produce blog posts on a monthly basis, developing topics of your choosing or selecting them under a more strategic content and marketing strategy. This service includes one piece of content with a limit of 600 words. Here are some ideas for how you can use your recurring blogging: News and updates Lists, facts and stats, and Q&As How-tos and demonstrations Case studies and comparisons Long-form testimonials or interviews Social-aggregated stories Industry news roundup Predictions and trends But you don’t have to take our word for it — check out this HubSpot article on the benefits of blogging for marketing.
  • After you order recurring blogging, a Marketeering Group team member will reach out to plan a content strategy and topics. For more frequent recurring blogging, this planning will occur every three months or less. We’ll plan single monthly blogging strategies every six months.
  • After planning, the content writer will research and write the allotted monthly blog post(s).
  • Marketeering Group’s content editor will edit each blog post before we send it to you for review (two rounds of edits only).  
  • We’ll post each onsite blog post as a draft on your website and notify you that it’s ready for review via an email with an attached draft. If you don’t make or request any corrections within five days, the blog post will go live on your site.
  • We may delivery multiple blog posts for review at the same times, but we’ll publish them at intervals unless you request otherwise.
  • We’ll make note of blog post placement in our project management system for you to access it.

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