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We’ll create text content that you can use in a number of ways. Content pieces often work well in tandem with other services to achieve specific marketing goals.

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Content is a vital strategy that supports other marketing efforts, such as SEO and social media. It improves your Google authority, brings new users to your site, and gives you a key to unlock relevant influencers on social media. Our team will research and produce content that fits the parameters of the publishing medium, speaks to the right audience, and clearly conveys your message in a way that informs, excites, and engages with your customers. This service includes one piece of content with a limit of 600 words for original content creation, or up to 1200 words of editing. Request multiple quantities for higher word count limits. Types of content pieces include: Blog posts Onsite web copy Offsite articles (for link-building) Whitepaper content Podcast scripts Press releases Email template copy
  • Once you select a type of content piece, a Marketeering Group team member (either an editor, content writer, or your account manager) will reach out to learn the specifics of what you need.
  • The content writer will use this information to guide their research and content production.
  • After completing the piece, the content writer will send it to you for review (two rounds of edits only).
  • Once you approve the piece (or if you do not request any revisions within five days of delivery), we will publish or distribute it (in the case of offsite content).
  • We will make note of content piece placement in our project management system for you to access it.

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