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Social media advertising is tougher than you might initially think. Let us take social media marketing off your hands with an advertising strategy and budget to implement on any of the most popular networks.

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Every business should have a presence on social media, but with the constantly changing restrictions for business pages (particularly on Facebook), posting alone may not be enough. Expand the reach and visibility of your business page’s posts with an advertising budget to boost posts, promote a product or service with ads, publicize events, and more. Our social media advertising services include boosting posts or content, page ads, advertising that’s curated to mobile users, follower growth campaigns, and more. We offer this service for your profile/page on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn (other networks may be available by special request). Note: All social media advertising variations include a 1000 management fee for budgets of up to 8000
  • All social media advertising variations include a $75 management fee for budgets up to $500, or a $300 management fee for budgets between $500 and $2,000 (in addition to your selected budget/spend). Please contact us for budgets less than $100.
  • Select your social media advertising frequency and budget. Then provide a few details on what exactly you would like to advertise (product, service, event, or something else).
  • Our social media specialist will research the ideal demographics and audience factors for the advertising campaign.
  • Next, we will draft the copy and design for the social media ad and set it up in our Agency Pro-Tools.
  • You’ll review the ad and copy and request any desired changes.
  • Once you approve it, our social media specialist will schedule or publish the ad on the requested social media network(s).
  • Our social media specialist will monitor the ad(s) throughout the campaign and make any necessary adjustments to maximize ROI.
  • At the completion of the ad, we will provide you with a detailed report on the results.

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