About Us

About Us

Insanyah.com is the first online charitable community that connects Non-Profits with their supporters (Volunteers, Donors, and Companies), to achieve goals that serve humanity, by facilitating cooperation and communication among the concerned parties.

A Non-Profit! Insanyah.com will empower your presence in the charitable community. You can create a page for your Non-Profit to announce your events, activities, job opportunities, and your need for volunteers and donations, which will ease accessibility and direct communication with volunteers and donors and hence reducing your advertising budget. You will also be able to send donation reports to your donors to ensure transparency.

A Volunteer! Looking for volunteering opportunities. You can create an account on insanyah.com, in which you can share your opinions and inquires with other volunteers and Non-Profits. You will also be able to follow up all volunteering opportunities and choose what suits you, through searching by your interests or your area. Believing in the importance of volunteering, insanyah.com will provide you with a Volunteer Certificate that includes all your volunteering activities, the Non-Profit names, and the volunteering hours.

A Donor! Insanyah.com will enable you to browse all donation opportunities and search them by your interests or area to choose what suits you. You will also have access to your donation reports and set a donation plan.

A Company! You want to support a Non-profit, through Insanyah you will be able to communicate with a large number of Non-profits that serve various objectives in different areas. You can also announce your projects and events.

Insanyah.com is a project affiliated to 'Nas Hope' (Limited Liability Company) that established in 2015.

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