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Seeders Market is a complete E-commerce solution that provides everything a business needs to sell online.

Build your brand online!

Seeders Market is the fastest Software as a Service (SAAS) solution in the MENA region that meets business needs to reach millions of new customers and guarantee an increase in the business ROI.

Get a domain name and showcase only your brand! With zero commission on your sales Example abeisegypt.com,yourbrand.com etc.

  • Many professional themes.
  • Opportunity to reach new markets.
  • Many payment gateways.
  • Limitless possibility for creation of new sales channels.
  • More profit per item sold with zero commission on your sales.
  • Better social media engagement.

Easily Add and Ship Products

Import hundreds of products to your store in minutes – and after you receive an order, have it shipped directly to your customer.

Earn More MoneySolutions

Seedersmarket automations give you more time to focus on generating sales. Sales will give you the opportunity to grow.

Customer profiles

Learn more about your customers and their shopping habits. Find their contact info and order history at a glance.

We manage your hosting!

Host your entire website on Seedersmarket. Your online store comes with a full-featured content management system.

Start Selling now!

Open e-commerce store on seeders market 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Ecommerce website with zero commission on your sales!

Buying or renting physical store is considered more expensive compared to owning an online store with your brand name.Own a store on Seeders Market will save a lot of costs such as; expenses of utility bills like (water, electricity, gas ...) and employees' salaries.

Seed Package


Get a free name by taking this package like yourstorename.seedersmarket.com and start selling up to 250 products!

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Plant Package


Get a new domain (businessname.com) and secure certificate with Seeders Market and start selling with a full branded store up to 500 products.

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Garden Package


Custom Design website just for you! Take your brand into the next level and start selling unlimited products with unlimited storage and backup your products data.

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Your Digital Marketing Department

We just promise to set your business on the right track. Our objective is to inform our partners, educate them, train their staff and provide them with the material that will be their reference for a long time. We wish to maintain long-term relationships and build success stories.

Content Creation

We foster creativity in order to create a perfect caption transmit the marketing message through the brand’s plan.

Competitive Analysis

Get valuable competitor insights and data like never seen before. Benchmark your social media performance and marketing analytics against competitors and alongside best-practice examples.

Calendar Creation

Social media Calendar helps to schedule our posts and follow up with the generated ideas to be better, faster, stronger, and just generally pioneer with brand posts.


We provide monthly social media reporting to get accurate and detailed results that will help also to be aligned with every single detail among your accounts activities, likes, shares, views, reach and clicks.

We generate competitor analysis report to compare your success and social presence VS your competitors.

Graphic Design

Our variation of design ref-lects the look and feel ofthe Brand Identity and it’s own marketing m-essage through Stat-ic Design, GIF andSimple Videos....


Our moderation strategy splits into two modules

We provide a moderation team responsible to answer all fans questions, queries and FAQs ones through all social media channels perfectly with an excellent response time.

Smart bot Developed using AI technology in order to detect all fans queries and reply on them on fy.

Social Media Monthly Subscription

We are knowledgeable and talented with the right amount of creativity and business acumen to fulfil your social media goals.

SEED Package


We develop social media content for you with creative visuals and moderate your social media channels.

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PLANT Package


Everything in seed package add to it spam monitoring, more content and engagement to your digital channels to increase your sales.

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GARDEN Package


Dedicated account manager and SEO expert working for you on daily bases to reach your goals. You get more bang for your buck here than with any other agency. Good prices, big ideas, and crazy viral campaigns.

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Seeders team made up of a young and motivated team with a hunger for success.

We are experts in creating and elevating stories in the digital space.


Managing Director


Back-end Developer


HR & Administration Officer


Project Manager


Front-end Developer

Loay El Shwarby

Board Member

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Start Selling now!

Open e-commerce store on seeders market 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.